Thursday, October 05, 2006

Xmas "cards".

Cards as in , funny people , you know ... oh never mind. Years ago , long before I ever saw a computer , every Christmas , whether you were freind or foe, as long as you knew us you got the inevitable card. These cards were originally just xeroxes of a black line drawing , pantone marker bleed through with prisma color on the front to enhance highlights and tones. Doing 25 or more of them was cool cause you got so high from the pantone markers.

Later this evolved into one card that was color xeroxed (REALLY BADLY ) . It took a long while for the color xerox shops to figure out how to do this properly. Eventually they would but by that time Photoshop was out and the color xerox business was without pity killed. God I hate evolution. Our cards first started out with bears but later I began doing buns. I love buns, no secret there. Here is one of the cards from when dinosaurs ruled the earth , bread was ten cents a loaf and humans began to walk upright.

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