Sunday, October 08, 2006


Somewhere on a lonely planet our intrepid space family Robinson struggles to survive , forever Lost In Space . So what was the first thing I built for myself in 3D ? I have a fully working 16 inch version in my living room that I built during Ferngully . The Jupiter 2, the robot B9 and Robby were all from the brilliant mind of Robert Kinoshita.


Scott O. said...

Oh man oh man oh man oh MAN!! I'm a huge fan of his Jupiter 2, Robot B9, AND his Robby! That whole era of sci-fi is the best!

And I don't care how good any CG gets nowadays, it doesn't get any better than that stock footage of the Jupiter 2 flying low over those mountains and crash landing in the desert!

You've gotta post pictures of your 16 inch Jupiter 2!

flipstudios said...

this is a great blog. i loved reading about the CURIOUS GEORGE story. its always nice to have some unedited behind the scenes. i really like your santa card too. animators have such nice line work. cheers,


TotalD said...

Well Scott I will do that. I put my Hollywood Bridge somewhere (It would be nice to see it in motion ) I also own a full size B9. Yeah thats totally sick :)

And thanks Andrew . For artists jump the same hurdles in every form of art. The wonderful thing was they tried to do as good a job on it as they could even with no time. Love your line too. Very cool.

Smeghead2068 said...

The Jupiter 2 was mostly the design of William Creber, as the Gemini XII in the Lost In Space pilot. Kinoshita DID rework it for the regular TV series, so the lower deck and elevator is all from his pen.

Today is Robert Kinosjita's 100th birthday :)