Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy B day to youuuuu !

Part of a card I did for Toms birthday ( the head of Universal animation, hence the man and George ) . He bought this new car and the timing belt went south one day and they charged him thousands. I insisted he do a web search because it was too weird to be a normal event. So guess what , it turned out it was a factory flaw. He told them he found it was and they gave him a lot of his money back so he was happy. Life is good when you can make fun of your bosses though. Toms a good sport (that's a VW motor in a Jag).


Shane P said...

That Ted drawing is unbelievable Dave. So is everything else , I'm just attached to the MIYH. Beautiful dude.

TotalD said...

Well you had everything to do with him so it should feel pretty close :) A great design to go by. I think I caught Tom though I don't think he would cry . My George kind of sucks though. I never got him like Tony or Jeff but fun.