Monday, November 27, 2006

Hi Folks!

Hmm, apologies for the lack of blogness of late but I have been crazy busy. Which is unusual because I'm just doing my own work. I'll try to get back in there and post some more Falk stuff but there is one more in the post of Falkness worship called "Dog Boots".

Now for those who came here to laugh at me and make themselves feel better about their own work here are a couple more of mine. This first is a frame from a film I started a few years back called "Creep" based on the Radiohead song . I started it because I loved just trying to do virtual inks . Like water colors I love the lack of control. This was done with a mouse by the way.

The next is of Wendy . I would often call on her for a sensitive critique of my work because she loved me I could count on her honesty .

The last is a cartoon I did for Jeff Johnsons birthday when he was doing George . Jeff, like all eccentric animators , has a fetish for mechanical things. In this case the Toyota Land Cruiser. I tried to combine the moments.