Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pixar Brave Rotation

This rotation was my end of my weeks on Brave. I had one up previously but that was just a rough for this final that I sent . Amazing what you can forget in 5 years. I was sure there was a final somewhere and tonight I came across it accidentally. Now it looks just like her. And some additional roughs never used.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I waited 3 years to post these. Now Brave is coming out.

Years ago I spent a single week doing some expression work for Pixar long distance. I had just had a serious operation and the story was brand new so I had no script. I tried fast so after a week I begged off. Worth a peek since it is coming out this week.

I had been working off Carters sketches to that point and then I got Steve Pilchers painting of the lead character. I loved it so much I took it and did a quick rotation before I left the project. Now looking at it I see a bit of the Queen from Prince of Egypt in it. It was only a week but I realized I didn't know anything about the character so I made he decision to leave

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh god, shades of the past.

We were finishing Rock and Rule at Nelvana n 81 and Robin Budd, out of the kindness of his heart gave me these , the final Mok death scenes to do. He did the very last tiny one ( I think he wanted to do the very last scene and he did) and I did the 3 previous. He had so much stuff to do. And so imagine my surprise bt Nelvana had my drawings up.


It's under Robins name but we know who did them. These last scenes were done on the porch at 159 Roncesvalles Avenue. In the hot sun. Wendy Perdue had just finished and she as a favor did the clean up. The best clean up I'h had done the entire film.