Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pixar Brave Rotation

This rotation was my end of my weeks on Brave. I had one up previously but that was just a rough for this final that I sent . Amazing what you can forget in 5 years. I was sure there was a final somewhere and tonight I came across it accidentally. Now it looks just like her. And some additional roughs never used.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I waited 3 years to post these. Now Brave is coming out.

Years ago I spent a single week doing some expression work for Pixar long distance. I had just had a serious operation and the story was brand new so I had no script. I tried fast so after a week I begged off. Worth a peek since it is coming out this week.

I had been working off Carters sketches to that point and then I got Steve Pilchers painting of the lead character. I loved it so much I took it and did a quick rotation before I left the project. Now looking at it I see a bit of the Queen from Prince of Egypt in it. It was only a week but I realized I didn't know anything about the character so I made he decision to leave