Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Just a drawing.

This was a to a girlpal who tortured me over my love of pigmy marmosets . She would make little flash things of women in marmoset fur swallowing live mamosets coming off a converier belt. Posting recipes for cooking marmosets anything that would upset me . I put up this sketch of furry revenge.

Just a sketch of Betty Davis I did in marker. I hate marker , it takes away your freedom to make mistakes.

A lovely friend of mine went through an operation that didn't go perfectly and so I did her this card.

Oh , this was a character named Buber , I was going to use in Produken , Train of Death. I wanted something Mickey yet not. The film involved a lot of blood and terror.

This is just anotyher throw away design for a commercial that never got used.

Monday, November 12, 2007


A girl from my group was trying to design a tattoo for herself so I gave her a hand. It's really rough and it needs to be refined but I liked it.