Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Murder of Puffy. A Confession.

Back on Rock and Rule they had this idea to give Mok a dog. The dog was to be in the sequence where Mok is sending the boys off all drugged up and lobotomized at the bus station. It was to be an insane purebred named Puffy .To counterpoint Moks droll and quiet self confidence Puffy was to be subtext of what Mok was underneath , insane. I loved the initial design (Robins) and actually animated a couple scenes of him but it quickly became apparent that the dog was not only distracting but actually STEALING the audience attention so you would get to the end an only remember that there was this totally f'd up dog hopping all over. I begged Clive to let me drop it. not asked, begged. He finally agreed out of being harassed I think. So there you go, it's my fault. Totally mine, I killed Puffy.


chuck said...

Are those Dale Cummings drawings??

TotalD said...

Well no Chuck, actually they are mine. I was trying to match Robins original. But I could see how they might seem that.