Wednesday, October 18, 2006

From the suckomatic...

A commercial I did for Quik, the liquid sugar drink that makes kids fat. I think there were birds flying around his head, he gets crushed by something, I can't remember. The most powerful and brilliant James McCrimmon clean up.


Jun said...

Yay, I found it again! Your website! Looky at all the pretty, fun's super kewl. Hey, so my machinima/animation/music blog, the one that I mentioned, it's here:
I'll link ya!

TotalD said...

Thanks for the link Jun , I'll add it :)

DTN said...

Hey, Dave,

I noticed you mentioned James McCrimmon. I have to say that James is one of the best clean up Keys I've had the pleasure to work with ... although we've only "worked together" long-distance. On this animated video game for Cecropia, called "The Act" , parts of it were animated and cleaned-up at Charlie B. and Chuck G.'s company Squeeze Animation in Toronto. James was on that crew and really pulled us though to make the deadline . Cerissa Grieve , too. Actually everyone at Squeeze did a great job, but I worked most closely (via fax machine and email) with James and Cerissa on the Key Clean Up. (I was supervising the Clean Up dept. at Cecropia's animation studio in Orlando).

-David N

TotalD said...

James spent 5 years working for me starting with Ferngully . He was then, and is now one of the best key cleanups on the planet and on top of that one of the nicest human beings you could ever meet. He should be paid huge sums of money and live in a mansion, he is that good. He was trained by the way by Claude (the fastest KCU in the entire world ) and Dori . Both not just incredibly good but excellent supervisors.

I've known Charlie and Chuck for 26 years ? Sickeningly talented. I was trying to get them on in some kind of co-op on CG or at least working through Yowza. The people I know who worked for Squeeeze had nothing but great things to say.

Trivia: Back when I was on Hunchback Charlie was looking for work so I went to the Disney production manager , gave him his number and told him how good he was and they sent him a pencil test system to work long distance (they did this for years ) . Charlie is like James Baxter. They are cut from the same cloth. Both quiet and humble geniuses that do solid and well composed scenes.

TotalD said...

Oooo COOL DAVE! People gotta see the trailer if they haven't looks terrific :)

DTN said...


How many units were there on Fern Gully ? Were some of you guys working in Toronto , with the main unit in L.A. (and Uli working in London ? ).

I have always heard that Fern Gully was a great production to work on and I'm sorry I missed it. Couldn't be in two places at once.

TotalD said...

There were three Dave . I know there was Chuck Gammage , Uli , Greg Manwaring and some others in London, our company Karen Johnsons in Toronto and the main unit at the brewery in LA (Kroyers) .

Well it was fun. I got to work for a while in LA on the Batty Rap boarding as well a running the TO unit. Claude Chaisson was the head cleanup. Sorry you missed it too Dave but there are going to be fun animation productions in the future. The best thing about the Kroyers was they are "artist friendly " and great people .

chuck said...

One of the best experiences in my career. I thoroughly enjoyed
being a part of that project and
consider myself extremely lucky to have worked with Bill and Sue