Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Something ... fishy.

Got these from James McC, thanks James . Ears are burning apparently :) I did some tags for this thing years ago. It is the first and only time I had been accused of being a pornographer . Standards and Practice , the reichstag censorship unit that used to oppress and remove all intelligence from TV saw this promo I did of this sexy FISH and rejected it, saying her buttocks movement was too suggestive. So they had the studio remove her hip sway completely . I had nothing to do with it and was insulted they even suggested it. A pornographer, ME ???? Oh, and it is too bad they were looking at her buttocks because had they looked at her hand they would have noticed the way she was stroking the F. Too late now.


bsleven said...

Those Drawings are bueatiful.
I worked on a kids show for a while once, and Standards and Practices gaves us a constant stream of notes that boggled the mind. I once had to revise a board because they felt that a character was sitting to close to the TV, and that other little kids would copy him.
: )
Regardless I think your drawings are amazing. : )

TotalD said...

Wendy and Charlie had it the worst on Ewoks. Characters had to fall in safety bushes and no one was allowed to carry sharp objects. Hmmm.