Sunday, October 15, 2006


I'm going through some old stuff and I come across these photo's I took at age ten . Like any ten year old kid I thought the vehicles were interesting. Now looking at them I realize it's the time capsule and the people are fascinating. An odd thing to notice is nearly all of them have their hands in their pockets and it's a warm day in Canada.


craig said...

Oh man. What a great little moment . The camaro, the striped pants...excellent

TotalD said...

The thing to note on that camaro Craig is DOORS! It is a funnycar with doors. Unheard of in the early days after fiberglass came into use. Of course to me a ten year old, this was the f'n space shuttle. I love the dude with the pompi and the boots. That is what Fonzi really looked like after the 50's. Trouble with a capital T

Jun said...

I'm thinking the guys all have their hands in their pockets to avoid accidental, non-manly flesh contact with other men. After all, it IS a car show. =P

TotalD said...

Or touching themselves in some homoerotic self pleasuring :) It's all point of view. Besides, men look so much cooler with their hands in their pockets. Dangling arms only make their imbalanced proportions counterpoint their fantasic pants striped. Too many parrellel lines :)

kevin said...

Hiya Dave -

Found your blog.

I used to see that USA Camaro quite a bit in the States down at US 30 dragstrip in Indiana for match races. That and Jungle Jim and most notably, Jungle Pam! Interesting glimpse of the people for sure.

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