Friday, October 06, 2006

No , the misery isn't over yet.

Oh yeah you remember when people would invite you over to see slide shows of their vacations ? You would sit in the dark and as they droned in a monotone you would fight the incredible urge to sleep . Where even if they were your dearest freinds one more shot of a cliff side would make you grab that olive fork and poke your own eyes out . Well, it's that time again. Years ago I was asked to work on this book for a lovely woman. Though I was really busy I liked the story and decided to help her by doing some sketches ( I actually got a freind of mine to do the final artwork later ). These are a few of those, really ruff and kind of unfinished.


Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Dave! me again. These look great! Is this the closest you've come to doing a children's book? I'm in a similar spot now with a friend. One day I'm going to get it finished if it kills me. (Along with the other 20 things I'm trying to do).

TotalD said...

Thanks Blair. Yeah thats the closest till now , it's like 15 or more years ago now and god yeah those things you are doing add up ( I have a 50 pd box of these things and scanning it all is a frightening thought ) . I think I was doing Asterix at the time out of my apartment.

Allen said...

blast from the past Allen S. says hi and happy birthday, happy new year and merry chrismas since its been a while since we talked. Sounds like you have been busy.
Give us a shout back when you can, we are in Hamilton now. Its not cold here yet.
sincerely yours Alien Serloin

bsleven said...

Did you see they profiled your blog on Cartoon Brew?
: )
I was just looking at there website and saw that they had an entree about you.

: )

TotalD said...

Ha, just saw that Beth. I'm sure from the outside production events seem "pretty depressing " but you know, Amid is right when he says "no more depressing than most US productions". No doubt most people would see it as whiny bitching, which it is that too, but really every production has that element to it. You know, you have seen both sides. And that includes live action too (see Richard Donners comments on the making of Superman with the Salkinds ) .

I think it's pretty amazing most films get done. In that way they are all minor miracles. And have to be enjoyed for that. Laugh at it and just enjoy the moment because the best thing about film is all the wonderful people you get to work with ( like yourself :) ) .

Hi Al. Great to see you around. Thanks for the birthday greets. Say hi to Connie .

Allen said...

I posted have a look

Eddie Pittman said...

Great Stuff! Keep it coming! :)