Monday, October 23, 2006

Graham Falk

Enough of my crappola. It is a Sunday night and while going through "the box" I came across a pile of drawings I really love. Some of you may know Graham Falk, some of you may not but you might have seen some of his work like Untalkative Bunny. A quiet and kind person humor springs from his fingertips at will. I have a rather large collection I will post from time to time but I thought this was a good first start. This he did many many years ago and is kind of legendary among animators . It's called "The Seven Ages of an Animator".

I can't help it, I have to post more Grahams. This is Graham looking over Dave Netherys shoulder in shock at his brilliance . The thing to note is Graham drew himself looking kind of old here, he was only in his 20's but he was trying to make the point there were all these talented youngsters . He was fascinated by other artists and in awe of talent and always felt he was somehow behind. Falk has this unique gift that is incomparable.

Ok , last one for today, it would be easy to post twenty more. Of special interest are the Uncle Limbo's or the Tea Bag experiments (yes that is correct, tea bags). Graham collected things he found of interest. Occasionally I would toss bad drawings away in the trash and one day I found some (what I consider bad drawings of mine at his desk). I said " For gods sake don't take the bad ones Graham" ! He took it to heart and drew this "The Animators right to Privacy " declaration. Drawing himself as this disgusting rat clutching his heart and swearing on the holy bible. Yeah he turned it around on me and now I felt bad for saying anything. I love the rat, it's so filthy looking.

Ok, just a few more and I can stop. Uncle Limbo's Pal .

Graham was always trying stuff. I think he heard about using teabags as media ( you thought it was another kind of teabag, no) Some dogs colored with teabags.

Ok and the very last one. People would compliment him on his cartoons but this was his response. Typical Graham.

More from the king of cartoons. Dog Boots.


Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Dave!! This is helarious! Guess who is sitting beside me right now... Me and Graham are posing on a show here at Nelvana called Wayside.

TotalD said...

Cool Blair. Tell Graham hi and that I think I've reached the old pro stage (I'm judging from wrinkles alone ) , then crack him on the noodle, remove his brain and put it in glass case. Future generations will want to study his mind. I have saved EVERYTHING he ever gave me as he is brilliant.

Jun said...

That's great! I should adapt it into "the seven ages of a storyboard artist." It would include: 'still under the illusion that he/she's going to be an animator' and then later, 'grumpy ex-director.' =D


Funnnnnnyyyyy!! Glad to have found your blog Davemeister!!

TotalD said...

Jun that would be hilarious and ... frightening. Do storyboard artists want to be animators ? Is that a "better to rule in hell than serve in heaven" scenario ? I love great boards :)

Hey Greg ! Hey think I have some Manwarings around here somewhere too :) I am a vacuum. No .... don't say it.

paul said...

Hey dave!
long time...welcome to blogland!
how's the camaro!

Jun said...

Well, I think that when you're a kid just out of school, you want to animate, until you find out what's what. I remember racing through 'boards' in school to get them over with so I could get to the good part - animating. So, it would be an early stage. Although I suppose it's probably changed since the "death" of hand drawn at Disney. =)

Wow, is that Greg Manwaring?? What's up G!?

DTN said...

Great stuff ! Graham is the genius. I have copies of all of these and (I think) the Original™ of Graham staring over my shoulder. (I wish I was as "brilliant" now as I was back then when I was 20...) What he's really staring at in amazement is that I would be dumb enough to animate Ralph Raccoon so off-model as to make him look like Bernard from The Rescuer's which is what I think I was attempting to copy that week (Frank's work).

Keep posting more of those , D.

the doodlers said...

Haha! John and I were reading some of your posts a few weeks ago (such as the heartbreaking Curious George debacle) and did'nt realize this was you. Then, I checked out Shane Prigmore's blog and saw the link with your name. So...Hi Dave!!

Very good to see these hilarious Graham Falk drawings.

We'll add you to our links and visit again very soon.

Cheers, from Arna Selznick and John van Bruggen~ Please give our regards to Wendy!

TotalD said...

Hi everybody. Hey Jun , Greg is in Europe, he worked on Help I'm A Fish and a bunch of other stuff. Yeah the animation is the Dr Frankenstein part but as you get farther an farther down the road you realize that CONTROL is where it's at. :) Animation is great, I love it but every part is fun.

Yes Dave Graham is a genius and when I get a sec I will add more to this section :) I have tons (you are still brilliant ).

Hi Arna and John, long time no see, great to see you. Yeah I saw Maxs site too , incredibly talented and what cool drawing ! Please say hi to him too. Curious was pretty typical, you know , you've been through all the same. We are all at the end of the whip :) Thats the life :)

chuck said...

Graham should be locked up
and put away for the rest of his life

chuck said...

you know I love graham

TotalD said...

:) Everybody knew that Chuck. Graham is impossible not to love. I have six more I have to scan but I haven't had time.

the doodlers said...

Hey Dave- scan those Graham sketches! (when you get a chance of course)

Thanks for the comment on Max's work too. We'll pass that on to him. He's a talented guy!

"We are all at the end of the whip :)"
Yeah, that's a good way to describe it. Some days (the good days) we feel that we can grab it and shake back.

Cheers! ~A&J

TotalD said...

I have 6 of them I want to scan I just haven't had time. Hopefully in the next couple days. I just got back from Dallas.

ncross said...

Thanks for posting these!

I am Graham's greatest fan. I have a ton of his drawings stored away in boxes that I dig out from time to time and ogle.

I want to put out an Art of Falk book but I know he'll never allow it.

Such is the way of geniuses

TotalD said...

Yeah I have a bunch too but I just haven't had time to do the scanning. I have this feeling that down the road Graham wuill become like this great undiscovered genius to everyone and we will all disappear into the empty void :) Which is right because in school, experienced or not you could tell he was brilliant.