Saturday, October 14, 2006


During a feature you produce a lot of drawings besides your own ranging from thumb nails to just correcting staging . Here is some of them . I believe it's just from the first month or so and it isn't all of them, just the ones I had copies from. None of these are from my scenes, those drawings I don't have. On LTBIA we had time to pose most every scene so there were drawings to set up each but time was too short for this so everything was as you go.


Blair Kitchen said...

I know these sheets. These were a lot of help! Believe it or not, we did use them.

TotalD said...

You guys at Yowza did a great job Blair and it shows.

bsleven said...

Hey, that one of Ted flattened up against the wall looks really familiar.
Hmmm..... I wonder why.

: )

I Love checking out all the coolness on your blog.

TotalD said...

Mmmmm, deja vue Beth ? You turned into a nice scene and Ted looks really terrified. One of my faves actually. But you did that to that Daffy scene too.