Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Just a drawing from Hunchback . Though the majority of what I did was Esmeralda under Tony Fucile I did work with Russ on some Phoebus and his horsie :) . Found a ton of these.


bsleven said...

I have to tell you that I totally love "HunchBack". I thouight it was filled with beautiful and amazing animation.
This drawing is incredible, your work is impeccable.
: )

TotalD said...

The thing I enjoyed most was Fuciles impressions. He does a Shatner that is quintessential. Like a trip to Lourdes it restores and is not a sight to be missed on the road of life.

angie said...

Beautiful drawing...rough animation doesn't entice me as much as clean-up but this one is great! Post more of your animation!!


TotalD said...

Hi Angie . Strangely enough my animation appeared in the promos. I did a bunch of Esmeralda as Tony Fucile gave me some terrific scenes. I have them , oddly enough on laser disc (remember when discs were the size of old LP records). I'll try and scan some ! My first "official " scene was the Festival of Fools. Five horses on riders in perspective and at the end I got to do a Clopin (that one scene took me a month) .

Peter Walser said...

I thought so! Wow, like I said, I love his drawing style!