Saturday, December 02, 2006

Super K

My impression of an early Superman done for All American Bill Kroyers birthday. Note the stars and words are done with White Out. I think I was addicted to White Out. My assistants would often have to try and draw over the stuff. Oh and it's opaque under an animation table light :( Sorry folks.


Blair Kitchen said...

Ha! Dave's back, and he's posting with a vengance! You've got some real treasures, burried away in your boxes of paper. This stuff is great!

TotalD said...

You have no idea Blair. This is just the beginning. It is actually quite insane.Unused drawings, unseen projects , development work, I could do this 12 hours a day , for the next three weeks and I doubt I could get through it. I'm also not putting up half of it. Just things I think are relevant or of some interest. I still have to finish the web novel and I just built an entire cg city. Working is easy, semi retirement is hard.