Saturday, December 02, 2006

God ... please let it end.

Developement for Clifford the Big Red dog feature. Sorry they are just xeroxs but N lost the originals and I never got proper copies of them. I think this witch shrinks them and this witch who has this pet badger .... ok I'm stopping now. It deserved to die ok.

A T-Rex design for some cartoon that didn't get made.

What was Obelix exhaling , got turned into a burp.

A pretty horrid cat design. Was for some series, said they wanted is softer and cuter (yes I actually did a design for it and I think it got used). Who knows or cares . This version never went past the really rough stage.

Did this for a friend who ran an RC car body company. Very Power Puff Girl's only in 1985. He got all bugged because he thought it was too kid market and he was trying to sell to adults because REMOTE CONTROL CARS ARE FOR SERIOUS ADULTS. Yeah, whatever, in the trash.

Ok, this was during my Tissa David worship days ( which should end any time around my death ) . A note to a friend in Ottawa using Raggedy Andy as me. Ok, I am pathetic. I know it was around 1980 because it says I'm working at Canimage. I remember Ol Colin Baker coming to my desk when I was animating the famous Fred Yabba Dabba Doo, ripping my drawing off the pegs and yelling something about me making it too full. It was though, glorious. Cel counts , remember those ? I F'ng love this business ! Memories , like the corners of my mind , what's too painful to remember .... oh screw it.


Goldenrod Fox said...

Call me crazy, but I kinda like the cat design.

bsleven said...

Man, all of this stuff is amazing!
I love not only looking at the beatiful work, but reading all your posts too. Very entertaning.

: )

Thank you so much for your compliments on my blog too. Your encourangment really means alot to me.

: )

Todd Harris said...

i like all of them. great job on these characters man.

TotalD said...

Thanks everybody :)
Well Fox, I really meant it was the drawing that didn't work for me with the cats , I like the poses I think. Maybe it was too typical. Thanks again.

DTN said...

Ha - Ha ! "Cel counts" , there's a term I haven't heard for many a year. Me and Jamie Oliff and Nik Ranieri used to get in trouble for exceeding the alotted cel counts on that Raccoons tv show we all worked on up in Ottawa c. 1984-85 .

TotalD said...

Atkinson was famous for that. There was some good stuff in the season you Graham and Nik worked on. I'm assuming that it was because of you all.