Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Last Blog...

... well till after Christmas. Hi folks. I reached the magic "100 scans "in one day yesterday . I am sunburned from the Microtek scanner and so as much as I love it it must end for now. I'm going to put up what I can and hope there is something that entertains momentarily.

My fave man developement drawing. George with a marble.

A funny bun drawing.

A couple more unused Arrow designs.

Hhhmmm, another Mok. My scene in the pit. Sniff sniff, I smell ebay on this one, do you ? Yes I do.

More LTBIA outs.

How I feel about directors and their power to destroy you .

Pirates ....

... and Parsons.

Tony and Gian.

Some kind of cave kid design . I don't know.

A drawing did for Wendy on Rock and Rule.

Miguel dressed as an old man from El Dorado, the sequence was dropped .

Me trying to convince my lead key cleanup the scene had eye problems.

A cartoon of the amazing Kay Sales. LKCU.

The birthday police.

A little color.

A rotation of an Andy Knight based design for a Pascal Blais commercial.

A spacegirl.

Sue Kroyer is the coolest person I've ever met. I thought she and her dogs Digitha and Fraser deserved a series.

I thought Sue used mind control on Fucile and Frankel. No one could ever get ahold of them.

Scientist heads ..... um, I think.

Looks like a waiter but I think it is a magician. Hmmmm.

A hobo, and I think it had something to do with us doing this god awful cheap film in Ottawa.

Oooo, Charlie Bonifascio and I did a promo for a Rome-O and Julie-8 series. Ha ! Will probably never see that again. Down the hole of waste of time with you. This is from a Fastbinder scence I think. I loved animating Julie 8 , wish I had some of that . Charlies scenes in the original film were what got me into animation. He is brilliant.

Just another man and George. I love the whole moment of staring at each other.

This is a good one to end on. After working in Ottawa on the magic flying canoe of Hiawatha , trust me it was even a bit dumber than it sounds ....

Have a great holiday folks. Merry nondenominational holiday.


Jun said...

Wow, you have been busy! Do your scanning fingers have calluses? Look at all this great art. It's like a christmas present for my eyes!

bsleven said...

All of these are awesome!

Have a nice break I hope you get some rest. : )

craig said...

Hey Dave,

Seems like you've had some pretty great experiences and worked with some good people. That has to be one of the most enjoyable parts of this industry:fun crazy co-workers. The top pic makes me think he's poisonng the man in the hat.

TotalD said...

To me , there is no industry, it is just a strange school yard where you meet other kids on a field to play ( hey throw me the ball Jun ) . My finger hurts from scanning but I haven't put up half of half of it. These aren't even drawings from the films. Before I start actually doing the MTP project I tryed to put up what I could.

Lol, no Craig, George is being curious. The mans mouth is open, the marble fits , what if he drops it in. I like stuff like that because without any action or motion you have a implied result. It's not hard to see in your minds eye the man bolting upright and freaking out over having swallowed the marble. Which by the way , as a child who as swallowed a marble i can tell you it wont poison you :)

Blair Kitchen said...

This post should cover you untill 2008! Thanks for sharing all of this stuff. It's very inspiring. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Woa, I feel like I've stumbled upon a treasure trove! It's wonderful to come across your blog. I can't wait to see more art from you.

TotalD said...

Wish granted :)

roque said...

I love this scan-dump from all your past jobs! What a way to get a peek at all the cool stuff you've worked on. Amazing...