Friday, December 08, 2006

Arrow Clip

Ok, I have a really small flash clip of some of what I did for Arrow. It's in B&W and no sound because the colors are so burned out that it is hard to see and the size is better that way . Should give you an idea though. Zombies , voodoo and black magic. Tony Fucile, Doug Frankel, Bruce Smith,Dan Jeup, Anne Marie Bardwell . Krystal , Wendy and Steve Markowski all did sections. This is just a clip of mine .


  • Oh I should mention RALPH EGGLESTON did a scene as well. He art directed it with Sue too I think as well. Whatever, he will correct me. =) Ouch.


    DTN said...

    I've heard of it all these years, but never seen any footage from Arrow. Thanks for posting it. How much more was animated ? Was it pre-Fern Gully or post-Fern Gully with the Kroyer's ?

    TotalD said...

    This is just a clip but was a full promo. 60 seconds I believe. Tony Fucile, Doug Frankel, Bruce Smith,Dan Jeup , Anne Marie , Krystal, Wendy and Steve Markowsk all did sections. We had three weeks to do it as I remember. It was immediately after FG. Remember, this was without real model sheets (no rotations or exploration) and completely on the fly. I think here was a lot of refinement to go as this was our first chance to move them.

    hobo divine said...

    I remember this,

    I was so excited about this film because it was also going to have a inter-racial love plot too.

    Which I thought was so progressive and as far as animation goes still is!

    God Bless the Kroyers!

    Jeremy said...

    Wow, this is very cool! Thanks for posting this clip as well as the other fine work on your site.

    Mr Banks said...

    And I cleaned up the zombie skeleton flying backwards! Never saw the completed scene till this very second. I STILL have to see the trailer! Maybe Eggman has a copy. I'll go check now.

    TotalD said...

    The Eggman ! Got to see him briefly at the Kroyer Christmas. He tried to give me a purple nurple. Totally Ralph. Yes Jamie. it was going to be interracial. That was both it's innovation and it's downfall. That is why WB pulled out. A black and a white kissing. Yes, that is totally true.

    A bit of trivia. I suggested Rae Dawn Chong for the voice. I loved everything she did and thought it was brilliant (especially in films like Quest For Fire.

    Ahhh Mr Banks , than you were at Kroyers. Hmmm, I wonder who you are. Gotta ask Dorie =)

    Jun said...

    I remember actually getting to see the whole thing at one time or another. I AM PRIVILEGED!!! It was good stuff. WB needs to get more progressive, man.
    Dave stop your dang smoking!!! I only say that out of love.

    TotalD said...

    But I have stopped, ok I did smoke at the party. That is the first time I've had a drink in a year. And so did Wendy. She is such a bad influence. You should talk to her. She really is evil Jun. Trust me on that.

    Yarrow Cheney said...




    TotalD said...



    Sup wit you.

    Oh yeah..........

    F those Annie bastards.

    No AD nomination.

    No music nomination.

    No yer momma's so uhglee nomination.

    F'm I say.

    Next year,

    I'm buyin 50,000 ASIFA memberships fur kids. PTTP, Aeiiiiiight!


    Todd_J said...

    Hi Dave,

    Please don't publish my last comment. That was for your eyes only. ;)

    Merry Christmas to you and Wendy!


    Yarrow Cheney said...

    Yeah, what are ya' gonna do? I thought we'd be s shoe-in for Best Yellow Hat. I do like your idea about the 50,000 kids!

    By the way, how's retirement treating you?

    TotalD said...

    We like to think of it as "semi" retirement because really, retirement shouldn't be this much work. But Lennon said it best:

    People say I'm crazy doing what I'm doing,
    Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin,
    When I say that I'm o.k. they look at me kind of strange,
    Surely your not happy now you no longer play the game,

    People say I'm lazy dreaming my life away,
    Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me,
    When I tell that I'm doing Fine watching shadows on the wall,
    Don't you miss the big time boy you're no longer on the ball?

    I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
    I really love to watch them roll,
    No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
    I just had to let it go,

    People asking questions lost in confusion,
    Well I tell them there's no problem,
    Only solutions,
    Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if I've lost my mind,
    I tell them there's no hurry...
    I'm just sitting here doing time.

    Ben Balistreri said...

    Dave your $@$% does NOT stink! This Arrow clip is tight! And Rover Dangerfield is mighty choice!!!!! I love looking at your blog!

    TotalD said...

    Thanks Ben. Coming from you that is a true compliment. I consider you , Shane, Shannon, Andy , Dev , Sohn and Curtis the Axis of Coming Evil. All of you are brilliant.

    Bobby Chiu said...

    I like this clip as well! I don't really do animation but it looks great. thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it

    Monkeyfeather said...

    Wow, this looks like it would have been cool. Someone should put an animation festival together of cool projects that didn't get fully off the ground.

    Hope someone finds the rest of this and posts it.

    Thanks for sharing Dave!

    hobo divine said...

    I agree with you Totald!

    Jack Lemmon was a great song writer.
    Love the part about the shadow puppets


    Miss ya,


    GREG MANWARING said...

    Big Dave! If B & S don't mind then I might be able to help you out here! Can you run it past them?

    I had hoped to be at their Xmas party, but it didn't work out. I may see you soon though!

    BTW did you see the one sheet from the waffles upcoming disaster?

    ZSL said...

    Good lord!
    That little clip was awesome sauce!

    ArugulaZ said...

    If you couldn't get Warner Bros. to release this, you should have looked into making a video game out of it. The clip has a very Dragon's Lair feel to it, thanks to the violence and the buttery smooth animation. I could very easily imagine Arrow on the Sega CD or 3DO, two consoles which were actively supported around the time this movie was in production.


    Shane P said...

    Dave , you are my hero. Seriously. Merry Christmas!!

    TotalD said...

    ArugulaZ it would have made an AWESOME video game. Remember that side scrollers were still the big thing in consoles back then and we had really just begun the Quake and Unreal series. Zombies , voodoo and interracial relationships ? Lol. The sadething is that to WB the scariest thing was two people with diffrent skin color were scarier to them than the zombies. Did I mention that Arrows voice was done by Mel Gibson ? Our later to be governor Arnold actually came to the studio and saw the boards as I remember. Gave them a big smile over it. Oh well.

    Jack Lemmon WAS great song writer Jamie ! Lol. You crazy !

    Yeah I will Greg, but .... hey you got a good copy ? Bill kind of said "No" on this sometime back to me. I think he wanted to move on. Anyway , see you when you get here Gregavar.

    Thanks ZSL.

    Excellent site by the way Bobbi. Love your painting tutorials. It is impossible NOT to watch them. Highly recommended for everyone to check it out.

    Shanster, if only we were both gay and I was 20 years younger and ..... well , the love is mutual. Then we could invite Shannon in for our group admiration orgy. Oh heck , bring Megan in too. Thanks ya genius.

    Steve K. said...

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for posting this. What we need to do now is post the final with color and sound! ;)


    Ward Jenkins said...

    Amazing work -- thanks for sharing with us, TotalD! Would love to see more from this!

    Alex Whitington said...

    This is by far my favourite non-existant movie ever.

    shannon said...

    Dave, Dave, Dave! I've got to see more of you man! Anyway, the stuff is amazing as usual. Merry Christmas and tell Wendy we gotta see more of her stuff, too!

    MrMauser91 said...

    It seemed to be a great project, what a pity. I like this video test, especially this realism in the animation :)