Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OMG !!!!!!!

I have this funny feeling .... there .......... is .......... MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Crysta and Zack. It is the fighting that makes a relationship real.

Look out! I'm such a bad driver !

No respect !

A birthday card for Patrick Lou-bear--------- T

A developement Grinch BG.

Little bears in costumes . So cute.

A racing logo !

I love fashion drawings. Experiments with brushes.

A cool goth girl I did for Char.

Some developement I did for Paul.

A drawing I did for Dave

Some Jason cleanup on my Queen scene.

A cat from one of my paintings.

A chrome hood ornament bird character for Paul. Had never done chrome before. Interesting.

Kitten and Muffkin from a story I'm working on. She is an Einstein like genius and can't get anyone to listen to her.

And last but not least, you know that logo at the end of Nelvana shows. The one with the bear ? That's right, I did the bear. It was much longer as the bear rears up than comes down on it's paws but they tried to FX it in a million ways. They actually took lke a year to decide how to do it and as you can see there wasn't much of it left as it slit scans in . That in a nutshell is the animation life. Enjoy.

Ok, I'm stopping now for real. No more lies. I am sorry for fibbing. Now I'm done. Really. You think I'm lying but I'm not. I am stopping. Trust me.


the doodlers said...

Holy mother of f-in god, you've posted a TONNE of stuff since we visited last!! Gotta come back and study these images some more, but for now i just want to say that your Nelvana bear logo animation has since been replaced with an 'updated' version that farts a glow efx. You'd love it, Dave. ;)

Cheers to you and Wendy too. This is a crazy time of year and we hope you guys are good.

And I hope that sketch of the soul-deadining director, was never what I was to you, Mr Fetucini. :)

Arna and John

TotalD said...

Lol ! Well I hope they spent as much time on that N logo as they did the first one . It's really only there for the historical (or hysterical ) reference Arna. Only seems right. Dennis and those slit scans, if the wedge tests didn't run a full 90 minutes you aren't doing your job .

And noooo , your obviously not that director Arna ! It's just a view from the bottom of that dynamic and no one in specific ( now the producer cartoons I'm putting up, they will be specific ha ha ! I'm just kidding :) ) . I'm far too vacuous and empty to ever be affected by anything silly :) You ,John and the Max have a great Christmas too !

hobo divine said...

You what?!
I shrank you, But don't worry Magi Lune will fix you.
Unshrink me and I mean NOW!

Ya Baby!!!
That's what I'm talkin' about!


TotalD said...

Oh oh, Arna,I just had this incredible flashback (this was like 1983 ) , remember that TREX machine that Patrick bought back from overseas and was so enthusiastic about ? The one that the lines flaked off and turned your line into an abomination ? Never caught on did it :) They even dropped it overseas it was so horrid . They were so excited by the fact that the Asian studio's drew in tiny 4 feilds to save paint. Ahhhhh , the old days days.

TotalD said...

LOl! You know what is weird Jamie, The shot in that sequence I liked most was the really long shot where I got to walk her upside down. It was such a weird thing to do. I still see Karen Johnson, what a sweetie, from time to time and her daughter Crysta (yes Crysta in Ferngully is named after her). Crysta tends the bar for the incredibly famous Hollywood tradition , The Kroyer Christmas party. She is so gorgeous by the way.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Dave,

I love the design on the queen in POE, love. I was wondering how your experience on the first Dreamworks animated movie was.


Bobby P

Posted on my site a while back:

TotalD said...

The Queen design really belongs to Carlos Grangel (Corpse Bride) . He is such a good designer and a terrific person. If anyone ever had any problems translating his designs , I have no idea why.

It was very exciting to be on the first DW's movie. As you know it had just an incredible crew , excellent directors (Simon Brenda and Steve ) and Jeffrey was very enthusiastic. I'm not religious so at it's core it is not a film I would normally want to do but one of my fave stories is that Ten Commandments. The DeMille version is pretty camp looking back now but in a way that almost makes it mythical. People mistake my being secular for hating the film or dissing it but I am a cartoon animator and whatever I do that doesn't escape me. I think POE will become classic because from all perspectives it is incredibly watchable.

This is just me personally but I think there was something lost in the move from Barham to Flower Street studio , in the personality of the studio. I have very strong feelings about that first set of digs.

TotalD said...

Ha, I just read your archives.I almost sound intelligent. Illusion complete :)

the doodlers said...

Oh oh... I don't remember so much about that 'Trex' machine, Dave. Just something vague about Patrick's delight in the 'new technology' that was going to make everything so much better. And the sad, sorry reactions of animation staff to the line degredation issue. Your ability to recall detail is scarey! Now that you've jogged my memory it starts to come flooding back...

It's a delight to read your reply. Interesting insight to the early dreamworks days, too. We will return for more look-sees...

We'll pass on your regards to Max.


DTN said...

Yowsa ! A veritable Posting Bonanza from Mr. B !

Some cool looking stuff from the grab bag here, Dave.

bsleven said...

Dave This is all Super awesome Stuff!
Those Animation Drawings from "Fern Gully" an "Rover Dangerfield" are amazing. I Love them, they're Beautiful!

There is so much coolness here it's hard to decide what to look at first.

: )

TotalD said...

If I ever get up the energy there is much more. I should really scan more of Grahams but I'm in Dallas at the moment.

Michelle said...

Hi D, I only recently found your blog so I was looking at some old posts. Wow, sure brings back memories! I'v got a lot of drawings from way back that I've kept. Some cool Dan Hasket characture stuff as well. Anyway, glad I found you. Take care :)