Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Horton Hears a Who !

And flying monkeys too !

As some of you may know I did the Anime sequence (yes, now infamous as you either love it or hate it ) in Horton Hears A Who . Ricardo Curtis , owner of HOUSE OF COOL gave me a shout and asked me if I was interested in doing a sequence for Horton . Hmmm, work for Ricardo, one of my favorite people on the planet ? Gee , I just don't know ????? Of course silly ! And it was a lot of fun :) All the key clean up on the Anime sequence were done by the most talented and elegant woman I have ever known , Lieve Miesson . The mystical Michel Gagne did the main FX with Joey Mildenburger . Oh how I suffer !

Now just to add this , what I liked about the doing sequence was the cutting and anime stereotypes (the boards are what you see ). I'll make no stance to defend it within the Dr Suess context as I loved doing it and though I haven't seen the final it was a bold move by Blue Sky to do something unusual. The movie is doing really well and I am just delighted for them . Upon first seeing the lieca reel (b&w) that contained just a bit of the Horton 3D I was really impressed how beautifully Horton moved. Facially and physically. Quadrupeds are a bitch and they made it seem effortless. I couldn't put anything up till now because of non disclosure. The link below is for one of the flying monkey tests but until I see it I wont know what ended up in the film. Thangs change that way in film .


    Bobby Pontillas said...

    For me, the 2D sequences were a fun suprise. It fit better than you would think, because the movie had such a strong 2D sensibility. But I wonder what it'd be like to animate in a complete Suess illustration style.

    And this monkey flight cycle is hysterical!

    TotalD said...

    Thank you Bobby. It would have been wonderful to see an all 2D version . Jones and Clampett already did their versions of Horton that way so if you are purists that is fine. .


    On the monkey cycle, Ricardo asked only one thing, that it makes him laugh. I actually had to do the monkeys twice as my first version bored me . I didn't have to be told it was boring, I knew.

    Kevin said...

    Nice looking stuff D. Haven't seen the movie yet, but will this week or next.

    Greg Manwaring said...

    Well, I saw it and had a great time! Loved the animation of the Mayor! The 2d sequences were an added surprise and VERY WELL DONE!!! I should have known it was you kicking ass and taking no prisoners Darli!

    TotalD said...

    Thank you so much Greg and I'm glad you did. The funny thing is that animation is so much more fun to do these days . It's more like paternal hugs and baking cookies but I know what you mean.

    Alex said...

    Hi TD.
    The monkey animation is amazing.Crazy and funny.
    I saw the movie and the 2D sequence is great.Congratulation to you and House of Cool.

    TotalD said...

    Thanks mucho Alex !

    Hobo Divine said...