Monday, March 31, 2008

Entertain me !

The great thing about blogging is it forces you to look at your work again. Something it's hard to do in the work a day world of animation. Some of it works , some of it doesn't but it's just nice to see what you were thinking at a given time in your life. Most of these are recent or within the last year or two. Sorry ,I'm a bit burned out on scanning.

Trust me Mr Soxs ....

Space Rangers. Done before my cintiq it was just a scribble based on some stereotypical Flash Gordon idea.

"Now hand over the X Beam ranger or your life is over".


Ahhh , more cow. Ok this is a bit hard to understand as it was rough comic for a freind who loves cows. Trying to get cows some respect. Very loose scribbles.

Swim . Just some early PS playing with simple reflections and color.

My first CG bg test attempts . The program has a very simple light systems so I tried to keep everything as flat as possible to match the drawings I was going to use. The type was done in Elephont .

Another CG bg . This was playing with the morphing tools to create beaches and such. I was going to go in later and do a huge projected set of toners for the sand so this is just a crappy repeated texture for now.

A test sketch for a company logo.

A singer design for another project.


bsleven said...


Thank you so much for the commment you left on my blog. : )
You always make me smile.


E-mail me soon I have some news for you. : )

Willy Ashworth said...

Hi there D!

Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words.

I have many great memories sitting beside you for almost two years, {Rock n Rule}but what I remember most was your willingness to share knowledge. I recall laughing a lot, and Tom Sitos' history bites every morning. That was quite a room!

Whatever happened to Dev?

Hope you are well and happy.

TotalD said...

Hi Willy,

You know , I don't know what happened to Dev. Both he and his brother were incredibly talented . I'm so far out of the whole Canadian animation scene now I can only hope they are doing well. Ah yes, so many years ago. I remember all those terrific music tapes you made. You got me hooked on XTC :) You have such good musical taste Willy. It is so nice to see you blogging.

We are very well ( at least now ) and happy. Life is a whole lot easier.



Randall Sly said...

I love your art, I wish your pictures were bigger though... Thanks for the inspiration.

TotalD said...

Thanks . I'm just trying to keep the sizes down for space.