Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bones from the yard.

Hi everybody ! Hope everything is ok . This is just more junk from the archives. The pic below is a test from a project . The design of the girl is actually one I had done for another project as a secondary character that I really liked and thought would maker a good main character. The story is about a cat who is in love with a human.

Occasionally you meet other beginning artists who are struggling with design work. One was trying to do a Batman design so I roughed this out for them.

One of the girls on my web group just loves cows. She was a away for a while but missed everyone so I did this cartoon for her.

Someone gave me this card for a "gentlemen's " club. The art on the card was really primitive ( and one part was exaggerated beyond all reasonable human ability for a woman's back to support something that heavy , guys ) . I told the person it was not really anatomical but I thought the basic pose was interesting so I did my own version of it.

A love Anarchy graphic I designed for another project.

Long before Pixars Cars I had my own version of an anthropomorphic car film ,

A female rock singer design.

A car scribble.

A drawing of the two prop girls on LTBIA . Strangley both named Lisa.

I used this for an icon for a while.

A melodramatic appeal to the moderator Roxanne on my women's group.


cloud said...


Cat in love with a human made me think immediately of Sailor Moon S. Apologies if you hate anime, but it was one of my favorites as a kid.

I absolutely love your style -- do you have an art book out?

Alex said...

Great drawings TD.Batman and the female rock singer are my favorites.The cow is funny and the icon is very nice!

TotalD said...

I've been collecting anime since I started animating . I have "laser discs" of anime of all sorts . My fave part director being Miyazaki , though I think Katsuhiro Otomo is a genius . My favorite part of Kill Bill is all anime . And Sailor Moon is my niece Livia's favorite, I know , I bought her the dolls ). Let me be clear, I love anime .

Thank you , no I haven't even considered a book at this point as I'm still growing up and not totally willing to look back quite yet. =)

TotalD said...

Hi Alex , I hope things are well in Brazil. Thank you. I actually did a rough for a larger cow cartoon strip for the same girl. I should post it but I was unsure if the humor would translate to the people who don't know her. And it's mutual admiration , trust me on that.

el pancake said...

you are one smooooth artist...funny seeing such a beautiful sculpted slick line....oh, I remember the days when line didn't matter...sigh