Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stone Age 3D

Before it became the "soup de jour" I had planned a film in 3D . I had figured that I could do it by matting and layering 3D elements in After Effects ( I think it was like version 2 or 3 ) I modeled in precambrian Hash for Mac and imported the DFX files into a program called Specular3D (a freebee to do logo animation as I remember) . I got some really terrific effects and it actually could do some simple animations layered in. I lost some really wonderful tests in a drive crash ( ah the days of Seagate and their ultra expensive and deliciously unreliable 10,000 rpm drives ) . All lost like teardrops in the rain ....... except ..... I found one jpeg extracted from the original mov . This ship is tumbling away from this Super Nova of a explosion after some ridiculous and goofy thing happens in their lab, I really don't remember the story but I'm sure it was melodramatic and overblown. I'm like that. To ghosts of the past that can never live again.


Mark Koetsier said...

Hello my old friend. I have to tell you how I came about your site. I am now roommates with Ben Balisteri and he said he had a blogspot! So, now tonight I decide to take a look at his site. And low and behold I find you as a link. So I thought I'd say hello. I have a blogspot as well...mkoetsier.blogspot.com. Check me out! I don't have much up, but I'm starting to put up more. Take care!


TotalD said...

Hi Mark,
Ahhh Ben that disgustingly talented muffin , I'm off to leave my spoor all over your wonderful s site. Terrific stuff, I love the Benny animations. You are so good it hurts.

bog_art said...

You have a really good blog here!.. with lot og good entries and sketches.. congratulations!..

PS: what did happen Tuesday, April 8, 2008?

Hobo Divine said...

It looks beautiful!
I love goofy things that happen in the lab!

Not to me of course, but in movies.

Gerard Jones said...

Hi! This isn't about the post in question--but I've just learned that you were one of the animators on the Arrow reel for Bill and Sue Kroyer. I wrote that screenplay, and I loved the animation on the reel. I'd enjoy touching base on all this--and wondering if you're still in touch with Bill and Sue?
Gerry Jones

TotalD said...

Well , we went to Dori's wedding last Sunday together. Yeah , sure we are.