Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't adjust your set.

Lol, ok I trust you got through that, back to fricken art =)


hobo divine said...

Cool Music!

I think it's in "March" time 120 Bpm With Synchopation.

(just joking)
This was stimulating and simultaneously depressing... I should watch it again... for I could feel my brain blocking parts out, due to it's shallow threshold for the dirty truth.

Samanta Erdini said...

Hi there Girl, Nice Blog you have, I love all the stuffs you added, I like your style!!! I will add on my fav!!

Love ya!!!


Jillian_E said...

I had no idea that the Fed was not run by the US Govt.


hey, where you at????

TotalD said...

Thanks Samanta =)

TotalD said...

Here Greg, here.

Allen said...


Guess what today is? I haven't forgotten! Don't have your new phone number or would have called you and sang to you.

Best wishes from your loyal friends
Allen & Connie

TotalD said...

Yeah I hit 50 today, half a century old. Time for the AARP !

Kevin said...

Welcome to the half century club!
It's not all what it's cracked up to be but overall it's not too bad.

Li'l Mouse said...

Happy Belated Birthday to yououuuuuu!!!!

What's the best thing you got for a present??!!

Hope you had a great happy one!!

TotalD said...

Shoes !