Thursday, September 28, 2006


I did this for a garage that did my cars :)


Andreas said...

Very nice Camaros, a '68 and '69 if I am not mistaken? I know I am not with the '69, as I have one. ha ha.

TotalD said...

You are correct Andreas on both. Mine was the 69 468 CI ( 454 based ) , throttle body fuel injected with every trick short of supercharging the pic is based on . I could smoke the tires at 50 mph easily ( a dangerous thing to do, don't try it , besides getting the liquid rubber off the fenders was a pain ) . Sadly ( not financially) , I am down to two cars now .

WriterPhotoBoy said...

Cool! I love those old "Rat Fink" type illustrations of the slobbering ghouls driving tricked out vee-hickles. Your stlye is more streamlined, but I still like it.

Car caricatures are awesome!

TotalD said...

Was a huge RatFink fan but my real influences came from Pete Millar (sadly who died in 2003, not a few days after I talked to him). Pete worked at WBs for a while and was just a terrific person.

And Joe Borer who only produced fin the 80's. I think Joe was the best ever.