Sunday, December 31, 2006

Commercial MADNESS!

During your career you do a lot of things. Doing commercials is kind of interesting because while they have brutal deadlines and don't always pay great they do offer you opportunities to try some different techniques and see the effects. Powwow Worldwide ( Dave Smith ) offered me a set of three commercials for an insurance company. The first one was just around a week to in actual animation production , the rest ended up around a week and a half.

The interesting part of it was we had another artist who would go over my drawings an put an ink line to it. So basically I could animate the way I wanted and it would be put through that filter, dropping whatever detail they felt they didn't need . She would straight ahead the ink line so it would be whatever came from that. The first one was fun because I got to do a few set ups. Wendy did a scene as did John Williamson (the car backing up ) .

The second was interesting because it had some weird ideas to it. This pic kind of shows the kind of translation. Oh yeah the jacket lines were dropped and they had me make the online phone guy look more threatening and evil. Anyway the first two went quick and everything got approved. Fast fast jobs.

The last one I have to show because something funny happened. It was going to be the one with the most time and all of a sudden the ad agency decided they wanted to do the board. The concept was .... well odd. It was called "Cover you ASSets". Get it, ASS, cover your ASSets. Uhuh, this was going to be a weird one. On top of that the characters were male and female and they were .... uh .... naked. Oh boy, nudity, and crude humor in one job. How fun !

Ok, so the agency took ten days to come up with the boards (eating a week off our schedule and leaving me just 6 days to animate it. Not horrible but it's 25 seconds. Long shot , cut in, cut out , cut in , cut out, cut in. Honestly, that was like something anybody could have scribbled out in a half hour. Also , the boards weren't in any way reflective of the designs being used . They were the most cartoon proportion and indecipherable movements . Totally confusing. So ok, I do it and I have just days before I start LTBIA . Next I hear they want a scene change , ok so I go in ( like a week later, they were dragging their feet ) and the ad exec gives me this big long spiel on what he wants for this little scene redo. I began to get confused because , well what he was asking for was a lot longer than they had time for. I asked him to act it out and we would time it . But the way he acted it out was 10 seconds or so. I was honest and said "this will gut the center and you will have to lose some other scenes to do it". They weren't happy with that .My problem was that I had no time now and had to start on LTBIA in like 4 days. So we hear nothing, I get paid in full ( Powwow works like that because they are very specific with clients beforehand about what's being done so there are no loop holes). I hear nothing and so off I go to LTBIA and I'm done.

So, like 8 months later it airs, they apparently got someone else to do the revision only, just as I said, they had to lose a couple of the scenes around the middle ( yes , I think that they had a block and tried to make their ideas work by torturing another company, good , as long as it wasn't me ). Not that my animation was great but , this was really pretty stiff. It still didn't do what they wanted . At least they got finished ...... nearly a year later. I feel sorry for who ever they got to do it , I have no doubt they made it a bad time and rode them around like a prize pony. My scenes are at the beginning and end but .... hmmm. It's actually funny but for the wrong reasons. Life huh.

Anyway , just for fun here is the original pencil for "Cover your ASSets". Most likely the strangest concept for a commercial I've ever worked on (oh well there was these two Shreddies torturing a small boy, Michel Gagne was my inbetweener on that one and always reminds me of it) . Oh ignore the contract, that was just rough placement as it was to be CG'ed in later. Hmm.

  • ASSets

  • Oh , please notice they have wedding rings on, this makes them being completely naked A-OK !

    Happy B day to youuuuu !

    Just a character I did for a Callies birthday card =)

    Friday, December 29, 2006


    A company logo I just did for my friend Pam's company Roadkill . It doesn't have the rest of the text, address and stuff but I liked the idea. Actually, I had a blood spattered road but, she thought it was a bit much =) . Ok , well yeah I guess stores might question that. I enjoy doing this stuff because we never get to work with color, do we. S'fun.

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006


    Ok, I know I know, a train of death might not be your style so I decided to do a new drawing based on my own character . I had done a ruff for this last december but never got around to doing a final till today. Yeah, I can still draw a little =)

    Its a different shop and more for women and kids because I know none of you macho male artists would dare to wear a little pink bunny. Not that you would admit to :=) Back to animation after this .



    Monday, December 25, 2006


    More ...... um .... crap. Ok, this is a smattering of random scenes, some were either in my old reel but got dumped long ago or never made it in at all. From low budget to SUPER LOW budget =). I thought it would be good to include a few that were actually here on blog like the Rover/Asterix scenes so the drawings will now actually make a little more sense. Warning, it's 7 and half minutes long and an mp4.

    Click the link to see the mov. It is a step down for size so it may not play properly at the right frame rate . Best to just pause it while it loads then get it over with quick. All the scene captures from below are from this one clip.

  • BITS

  • Had to reupload. I think it got corrupted . Hmmmmm.

    So, Rover, then a bit of tin soldier from Nutcracker. I don't think many people saw that film and while I only was there a few months I both animated and posed (mostly the end sequence where the mouse king attacks Clara, the finals of my Claras were done by the brilliant Chris Sauve, I'll talk about him more later ) . The voice is Peter OToole and the mumbling he is doing is something he said was a typical British military officer standard. I love when actors do that , it's so much better than a perfectly clean voice track. You can hang things on it.

    A couple scenes from Rocka Doodle. Yeah I know you haven't seen that but they were there . My last film with Bluth ( I did Land and ll Dogs) and I left early because my mom got sick and I went to Disney right after. Loved working with Pomeroy, such a positive person , as many people discovered working on George awesome person to work with. I think he is on the Simpsons movie now. It was funny watching him act out the Chanticlar dancing , he actually is quite good. He had the Elvis thing down.

    Ok, the green flying superhero, Weedman. Lol, oh you are thinking weed as in pot right ? No, real weeds and dandelions. Ok , it was a commercial I did (oh, and it's grease pencil on cell by the way, try that some time if you want to go insane, (this is why I had assistants with beautiful line ) and I thought it was weird so there it is. Obviously I was going through a wipe drawing phase ( known as the 3 drawing blur ) . Really tacky in grease pencil , aggh. Ha, enjoy the little transformer thing at the end. Yes , they were big then and the client ..... wanted .... kid appeal ? Oh god, I have no idea. None. Zip , zilch, nada. Whatever it will be like one of life's great mysteries like UFO's. Commercials are viciously fast and this was no exception. I think it was like the very first one I ever did. Yeah it i really hard to look back , I think I had to do it in week.

    A couple scenes from the Grinch promo I did (no sound) . Sorry folks , that is all I could find,I think the original is on U-matic , somewhere. I am pretty sure I coped out on the final scene too and didn't take it far enough but I have no way of telling , live and learn. The premise was about just how long the Grinch could maintain his new found love of humanity with all the awful things that happen to us every day. Oh , what you think this is a terrible idea to do to a classic AGAIN ? Oh Bambi 7 is ok though =) You ain't seen nothin hunny buns. Working commercially is the test of just how much of that you can take. Anyway, I tried to stay as close to the original drawing wise as I could. Ok, the birds suck because they aren't Suess like. It was a test so, you get to do everything wrong there. I think the Grinch translated well for not having been copying the Jones/Karloff thing (though if I'd had a chance I would have loved doing that design, Jones was brilliant ) .

    Next one you saw the rotation on the house mom earlier, I did his out of my house for Pascal Blais in Montreal. Roger rabbit was big so it kind of has that Benny the Cab thing going. I'm not including every scene I did just to keep this all small or er ,... smaller.

    A little All Dogs, I did a lot of Charlie walking ( read A LOT 0 WALKING ) and while the crowds were roto based (thank god) the doggies weren't. My only secret for animating quadruped is do the front legs first, everything else follows ,mine suck but they got passed so shut up ok. Love the coat scene (I called it the chest bursting Alien scene) , was both painful and fun. You can hurt your brain trying to figue it out threee characters riding each other. Don't belie me ? Go on, try it ! Dan K did the layouts for that section and kept telling me to get Charlies mouth open wider for this one vowel . During the one word he wanted his jaw flat against his chest , I look at it now and I still didn't do it enough. Funny looking back. The horror, the horror.

    Some Zack/ Crysta FG scenes. A few Batty scenes , I boarded that rap section with Bill as well.

    Hunchback, I only got a chance to do Clopin . Well plus Pheobbie, the horses and all the soldiers, my first official scene after sitting in solitude for 8 month as they reworked the film, a good time to pick up a heroin addiction don't you think ) . Now I wasn't to find out later but James Baxter (who totally LOVES drawing horses) thought that I should do it because he thought I would enjoy it (yeah James , one horse would have been excellent, four with riders , well how much enjoyment can one person have, well then it is Spirit precursor ) . I believe I walked by his room, stuck my head in and mumbled my curse of revenge. Sadly, I loved doing it , it took a while though . Sickening business, isn't it ? And no, thats a fraction of the scenes. The Esmeraldas there too.

    Some Pink Panther for Kroyers

    A little ELD Miguel (James did the Tulio) .

    Osmosis mayor , Shatners voice, yes , before Over the Hedge. Oh and that's my OJ too.

    Asterix in America , the reason I included the water sequence we did in our apartment in TO is that before Mr K's "tradigital" statement we had all long since working with cg and 2D combinations ( Bill Kroyer was giving us cg plots back on Ferngully in 91) . I believe this was the first time water had been done like this and it was done for Gerhard Hahn studio's in Germany. Got a lot of press ........ over ... in Europe =) I like the fact they were trying to make the water fit the cartoon and not the reverse. Gerhard is an amazing man. Very forward thinking, was cutting tons of series while we were doing this simultaneously. Oh, and I had one of the other satellite studio's attack me to the company for PAYING MY CREW TOO MUCH MONEY ! I feel guilty over that but , well, I will live. And ... uh .... so will my crew.

    I did Obelix, Asterix , the Indian princess (got to do yet another power up from drinking Getafixes exlirs), Getafix , the medicine man and a whole lot of bg characters, boarded and did some series designs while doing that . Animators on it were Chris Sauve , Jamie Oliff , Wendy, Jamie Mason , Morgan Ginsberg , Dave B and myself Chuck even did a scene later . The bear in the Obelix drug sequence is exclusively Chris Sauve except for one scene Jamie O did where he is rounding the corner ( boarded that entire seq as I remember ). Now that is a bit of a strange one as it did not exist in the books, not for more than a panel or two. I just thought it would be funny to have the bear land on Ob's shoulders.

    The Indian village being destroyed was John Williamson . Oh yeah the second scene (of the Buffalo) hallucination is the amazing Mark Koetsier. Probably one of the most under rated animators ever he is boarding at DWs. Beautiful timing. Oh speaking of, must include his website for Jet Pack Benny .

    Ok, last but not least , the football game, my first Asterix. Sadly the animation director at the time wanted it more economic so he just pulled out every other drawing whenever he found ones. I mean you are doing an action sequence right, two's are for losers I say =) Screw them !

    So that is it for the moment. Please no one rip out your eyes , it's not my fault. You were warned beatch !

    Oh and if you click the sign at the top it will take you to some LTBI stuff. Like you want to after this.

    Friday, December 08, 2006

    Arrow Clip

    Ok, I have a really small flash clip of some of what I did for Arrow. It's in B&W and no sound because the colors are so burned out that it is hard to see and the size is better that way . Should give you an idea though. Zombies , voodoo and black magic. Tony Fucile, Doug Frankel, Bruce Smith,Dan Jeup, Anne Marie Bardwell . Krystal , Wendy and Steve Markowski all did sections. This is just a clip of mine .


  • Oh I should mention RALPH EGGLESTON did a scene as well. He art directed it with Sue too I think as well. Whatever, he will correct me. =) Ouch.

    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    OMG !!!!!!!

    I have this funny feeling .... there .......... is .......... MORE!!!!!!!!!!

    Crysta and Zack. It is the fighting that makes a relationship real.

    Look out! I'm such a bad driver !

    No respect !

    A birthday card for Patrick Lou-bear--------- T

    A developement Grinch BG.

    Little bears in costumes . So cute.

    A racing logo !

    I love fashion drawings. Experiments with brushes.

    A cool goth girl I did for Char.

    Some developement I did for Paul.

    A drawing I did for Dave

    Some Jason cleanup on my Queen scene.

    A cat from one of my paintings.

    A chrome hood ornament bird character for Paul. Had never done chrome before. Interesting.

    Kitten and Muffkin from a story I'm working on. She is an Einstein like genius and can't get anyone to listen to her.

    And last but not least, you know that logo at the end of Nelvana shows. The one with the bear ? That's right, I did the bear. It was much longer as the bear rears up than comes down on it's paws but they tried to FX it in a million ways. They actually took lke a year to decide how to do it and as you can see there wasn't much of it left as it slit scans in . That in a nutshell is the animation life. Enjoy.

    Ok, I'm stopping now for real. No more lies. I am sorry for fibbing. Now I'm done. Really. You think I'm lying but I'm not. I am stopping. Trust me.

    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    The Last Blog...

    ... well till after Christmas. Hi folks. I reached the magic "100 scans "in one day yesterday . I am sunburned from the Microtek scanner and so as much as I love it it must end for now. I'm going to put up what I can and hope there is something that entertains momentarily.

    My fave man developement drawing. George with a marble.

    A funny bun drawing.

    A couple more unused Arrow designs.

    Hhhmmm, another Mok. My scene in the pit. Sniff sniff, I smell ebay on this one, do you ? Yes I do.

    More LTBIA outs.

    How I feel about directors and their power to destroy you .

    Pirates ....

    ... and Parsons.

    Tony and Gian.

    Some kind of cave kid design . I don't know.

    A drawing did for Wendy on Rock and Rule.

    Miguel dressed as an old man from El Dorado, the sequence was dropped .

    Me trying to convince my lead key cleanup the scene had eye problems.

    A cartoon of the amazing Kay Sales. LKCU.

    The birthday police.

    A little color.

    A rotation of an Andy Knight based design for a Pascal Blais commercial.

    A spacegirl.

    Sue Kroyer is the coolest person I've ever met. I thought she and her dogs Digitha and Fraser deserved a series.

    I thought Sue used mind control on Fucile and Frankel. No one could ever get ahold of them.

    Scientist heads ..... um, I think.

    Looks like a waiter but I think it is a magician. Hmmmm.

    A hobo, and I think it had something to do with us doing this god awful cheap film in Ottawa.

    Oooo, Charlie Bonifascio and I did a promo for a Rome-O and Julie-8 series. Ha ! Will probably never see that again. Down the hole of waste of time with you. This is from a Fastbinder scence I think. I loved animating Julie 8 , wish I had some of that . Charlies scenes in the original film were what got me into animation. He is brilliant.

    Just another man and George. I love the whole moment of staring at each other.

    This is a good one to end on. After working in Ottawa on the magic flying canoe of Hiawatha , trust me it was even a bit dumber than it sounds ....

    Have a great holiday folks. Merry nondenominational holiday.